How To Offer The Tow Truck Driver A Safe And Hassle-Free Job

When you break down in your car and you need a tow, you want to be sure you are safe while waiting. Things to do to ensure this include getting to a safe area, staying in the car with your doors locked and windows up, and keeping your cell phone charged and right near you. However, you are also going to want to be sure you make the tow job safe and hassle free for the tow truck driver when they show up to give you a tow. Here are some of the things to do to create a tow-friendly environment for your tow truck driver.

Try to get your car to the right place

Along with getting your car to a good place for your safety, this is also extremely helpful for the tow truck driver, as well as safer for them. If you aren't able to get to a parking lot, try to get to the widest part of the road. You also want to try to get your car to solid ground, rather than soft ground. Attempt to choose an area with as much lighting as possible. However, the most obvious perfect spot for both of you will be a well-lit parking lot with an asphalt or concrete surface.

Have your paperwork in order

When the tow truck driver comes, they are going to need to verify that you are the owner of the car. Otherwise, they could get into trouble for helping you with committing a crime if you were actually trying to steal someone else's car by having it towed somewhere. The things they will need to see from you will be your driver's license, the car's registration, and your discount card if a company will be paying for the tow, such as AAA.

Have the car packed up

Whether you had brought out blankets to sit on while you wait outside the car or tools you pulled out in order to attempt to take care of your car problem on your own, you want to put everything back in the car when you figure the tow truck is getting close. This way, they aren't going to be put out by waiting for you to pack things back up in your car before they can prepare it for the process of being towed.

Have your pets confined

If you have a dog with you or any other type of pet, make sure the pet is properly secured before the tow truck driver shows up. This way, they will know the pet won't harm them, and they also won't have to wait for you to get your pet taken care of.

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