Finding The Right Truck For Your Business

Buying a truck for your business is not always about having the largest truck; it's about having one that is appropriate for the job you need it to do. Whether you buy new or used, the right truck may be different for different businesses. 

Semi Trucks

If your business requires you to haul large equipment or large amounts of materials to different locations, a semi-truck may be the best fit for your business. There are a lot of different options that you may want to consider for your truck and powertrain options. Some engines or transmissions will be better than others for your use, so talk with the dealer about what they have available or if they can order a specific truck from the manufacturer for you.

Dump Trucks 

Another commercial truck option that you may need to consider is a truck with a dump body on it. When you are buying a dump truck, you can by the truck and the body separately then have the dealer install the body for you. This is a good option if you want a truck with a heavier chassis than is standard on these trucks or if you need a specific type of body on the truck 

There are many different body options for dump trucks, including higher capacity bodies, heated bodies for working with asphalt, and a body made from aluminum to save weight. 

Used Trucks

You may want to consider looking at used trucks for your business if you want to save some money. In many cases, there are trucks available that will do the job you need to do that still have a lot of life left in them. The truck you buy may not have a lot of custom features, but if you can find one with the right motor and chassis, you are ahead of the game.  

If you find the right used chassis, you can have a body put on it or have it configured differently than it is when you buy it if you need something different. The chassis may be perfect for your needs just the way you find it, but if it does need changes, the money you save on the purchase price may be enough to add or change something to make the truck work perfectly for you. 

Talk to the dealer about what they have in stock that might fit your needs or if they can find something specific for you.